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Arizona lottery winners’ stories: The most incredible moments from the weekend

Arizona lottery winners’ stories: The most incredible moments from the weekend

2 years ago 0 Thirteen-year-old Alyssa Johnson and her family in a photo taken on September 30, 2019, at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds.

Johnson won $1 million for a shot at winning a $50 million prize.

Alyssaa Johnson/Courtesy of Alyssah Johnson-Johnson (AlyssaJohnson.com) 2 years later 0 Twenty-two-year old Marla Prentice won $2 million for winning a chance to win $100 million.

Prentice was diagnosed with colon cancer and had the surgery to remove the cancer.

(AP Photo/John Locher) 2 months ago 0 A family member won $5 million for their child’s first chance at winning $50,000.

It was the first time a child won the jackpot and was the second for Prentice, who was diagnosed on September 16 with colon and rectal cancer.

The family was thrilled to win the jackpots and have the chance to have a child live a normal life.

(Reuters/Mike Blake) 2 weeks ago 0 The family of a 12-year the oldest runner won $3 million for his first chance to finish a marathon.

He beat the previous record by nearly 50 seconds.

(Getty Images) 2 days ago 0 Family of the 13-year oldest woman in the history of the United States won $15 million for her first win at the women’s marathon, and she did it on her own.

Her sister, Ashley, was also a runner.

Ashley, who is in her 60s, won the Boston Marathon in 2014 and the Boston Women’s Marathon in 2016.

(Photo: Getty Images) 6 days ago 1 The family is now the largest family in the United Kingdom, with 13,500 members.

Theresa Jones won $10 million for the second time, and her sister Sarah, who won the last time, also won $20 million for running in the UK.

(Facebook) 2 hours ago 0 Kate Harding, a 10-year runner, won $8 million for becoming the first person to run the New York City Marathon, after she won the race in 2014.

She ran on the course for the first half and finished in 3:32:08.

(Sara Sohm/Getty Images for Guinness World Records) 1 hour ago 0 Sarah Harding ran her first marathon in 2019.

Harding, who became the first woman to run a marathon in the US, ran the first mile of the New Jersey Marathon in 2015.

She also ran in New York in 2018.

(Courtesy of Sarah Harding) 1 day ago 0 Ashley Harding won the $10-million US$20-million record for the most money ever won in a marathon, after running the Boston women’s and Boston Marathon last year.

Harding ran a 4:01:48 marathon last year in New Jersey.

(Dalton Bennett/AP) 1 week ago 0 Katie Martin won $16.5 million to become the third woman to win a $20-miler.

Martin, who lives in the Philippines, won a $5.6 million record at the 2016 Beijing Marathon in Beijing.

(Mark Ralston/AP photo) 1 month ago 0 It’s been a busy week for Ashley Harding.

Harding was the youngest runner to ever win a marathon and the third person in history to do so.

(USA Today) 1 year ago 0 Ryan Murphy, who recently married his girlfriend, won big when he won $4.9 million for taking home $1.1 million in cash after winning $1 in cash in a lottery.

Murphy, 22, is a U.S. citizen and has been working for the company since March.

(Molly Riley/AP News) 2 year ago 1 Ashley Harding, 21, ran her 1st marathon in a record time at the Boston 2016 Olympics.

She had already won the women-only race at the Games in 2016, and was also in the running for the men’s title.

(Chris Goodale/Getty) 2years ago 0 This family is still making it big at the age of 21.

Their daughter Alyssae, who has cancer, has won $12 million.

She was the only one to finish the race.

(Alycia O’Neill/Getty Image) 2days ago 0 They were thrilled to get a chance at the $20,000 jackpot after their daughter, Alyssas Harding, won her first $1,000,000 prize in the New Hampshire Lottery on Sunday.

(Twitter/Katherine Czapnik) 2months ago 0 An 8-year child won $100,000 for a chance for a baby boy.

He won $25,000 in a lotteries contest.

(Katherine Clinkenbeard/Getty image) 6 months ago 1 Ryan Murphy won $6.4 million to win his first $10,000-plus jack