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Florida lottery winners: The state lottery is not working as expected

Florida lottery winners: The state lottery is not working as expected

Lottery officials have announced that the state lottery has not been running the scanners required by law since November.

The lottery is now asking the public to submit their information online and provide photos of their driver’s licenses and IDs to verify their eligibility.

The state is currently conducting a pilot project to scan all the cards at its state lottery offices and collect information on eligible people.

State lottery officials say they are still working on the systems to provide a digital lottery system for Florida.

The system is being implemented as part of a pilot program and will be operational in October.

Florida is the last state to require all cards to be scanned and checked for accuracy, and the system was first implemented at its lottery offices in 2006.

The pilot program was supposed to be rolled out in 2018 but was delayed by a federal court ruling that blocked it.

The lottery says that the system is currently being used in six states, including Florida, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Last month, the lottery also said it was in the process of implementing a new system that will require all winners of a state lottery ticket to show up at a state office and give a driver’s license photo, Social Security number and an ID number.

Officials are working on a new online system for each state lottery.