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How the lottery works

How the lottery works

On Monday, CBS News will bring you all the news about the 2016 NBA Lottery and the winners of the California Lottery.

But first, the winners.

The winner of the state lottery is the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court judge awarded the Lakers $1.4 billion in cash, and a total of $2.1 billion in other prizes, the largest lottery win in the city’s history.

This is the story behind how the lottery went down, and who won it.

In late March, two months before the start of the NBA Finals, the Lakers won the lottery for the first time in nearly 40 years.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was in New York City to attend the NBA All-Star Game.

His wife, Marjorie Garcetti, had just flown back from a weekend trip to New Zealand when she received a phone call from a friend.

It was her daughter, Jessica.

The friend told her, “You need to come to New York because the lottery is going to be on.”

Jessica’s daughter, she says, was excited, and immediately made the trip.

Jessica was a basketball junkie, and she was in the market for tickets to see the Lakers play in the playoffs.

So she booked her first ticket.

She arrived at the Lakers practice facility in mid-April.

“It was like I was on a trip, like I had just been there for a year,” Jessica says.

“And the first thing that stood out to me was the locker room was really, really small.

And then the food was really bad.

The water was really cheap.

Everything was just kind of gross.”

After that first day of practice, Jessica had no idea what she was missing.

She had never seen a Lakers locker room like that, she said.

But she liked the idea of the team’s facility, so she booked a flight to Los Angeles on April 1.

The Lakers won their second straight lottery for a record $1 billion, a feat that was unprecedented in NBA history.

“We had a really big day, and we had a lot of people that were going to the game, and all of a sudden we had this huge news that it was going to go up to $2 billion,” says Steve DeMasi, the executive director of the National Association of State Lottery Administrators.

“That’s unheard of, so that was a huge day.

I mean, the city of Los Angeles, the state of California, the NBA, everybody just started coming together to help us out.

It just felt like it was time to break this record.

I think it was a real milestone for the city.”

As the first winners of a $1-billion lottery, the Los Angelenos were the first to be recognized by the NBA.

The league recognized them as a first-time winners, meaning the winner received the same amount of cash and other prizes as other winners.

The other winners received $1 million each.

In the days before the games began, the owners of the Lakers had begun to work with their agents and other associates to arrange a meeting with the NBA to discuss how to distribute the prize.

By then, it had become clear that the Los Angels would win the lottery.

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti had been briefed by the league about the possibility of a win.

He asked his son, who was the commissioner of the Los Lakers, to help make the decision.

“I told my son to get in touch with somebody and to call the NBA,” Garcetti says.

Lasry met with the other owners in a meeting room at the Staples Center. “

He called his agent, Marc Lasry, who helped negotiate the deal with the Lakers.

Lasry met with the other owners in a meeting room at the Staples Center.

The owners unanimously decided to split the cash prize evenly among the winners, but the Lakers would receive the largest number of the other four teams.

The deal was a deal of mutual interest, Lasry says.

“What I was told was, ‘This is a big deal, this is the most important thing that has ever happened to the Lakers.'””

This was not a one-off, and it was not something that had just happened,” Lasry explains.

“What I was told was, ‘This is a big deal, this is the most important thing that has ever happened to the Lakers.'”

The Lakers, who had been underdogs for the entire season, were set to play the Losers for the third time in four years.

As the NBA’s new owners, they had a mandate to ensure that the franchise could be successful on the basketball court.

Loser and Lakers fans both knew that winning the NBA championship was the ultimate goal of the franchise.

“They knew that we had to win, but we knew that it would be our dream