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How to avoid a huge $1 million lottery ticket jackpot

How to avoid a huge $1 million lottery ticket jackpot

The Nebraska Lottery said Thursday that it had won the first major jackpot of the year with the winner getting $1.7 million.

The Omaha World-Herald reports the jackpot has a payout of $4.721 million.

The total cash payout is the largest of any lottery winner in the state since the state began issuing lottery tickets in 2010.

The Nebraska Lotteries spokesman, Tom Coughlin, said the winning ticket was a $10,000 lottery ticket with an interest rate of 3.85%.

That means the money could be split 50-50 among the people who received the ticket.

Coughlin said the winner will receive an extra $2,000 and a $1,000 bonus from the state lottery.

Crazy number of winners, says Nebraska Lotters spokesman, says the jackpots are the largest in the nation since the lottery began in 2010, and the state has won about $1 billion since that time.

“There were a lot of winners.

We’re pretty happy,” Coughlyn said.

“The number of people that have gotten a jackpot is way beyond anything we’ve ever seen.”

The Nebraska lottery is offering the prize to people who want to donate it to a good cause, Coughly said.

He said the prize was first announced on Twitter, which was followed by several thousand more tweets.

People can give the money directly to charities by entering their Social Security numbers in the lottery website.

The state lottery has more than 6,400 registered charities, but it does not allow anyone to give more than $50 to a single charity.