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How to win a $1 million lottery ticket in Georgia

How to win a $1 million lottery ticket in Georgia

Posted October 03, 2018 05:14:20 Georgia is home to the nation’s biggest lottery, but not all lottery winners are happy about it.

The state’s lottery officials have been criticized for not being transparent about how they calculate winners, and the process for finding the winners is not nearly as open as it could be.

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Reporter: A man who is hoping to win the largest prize in Georgia’s largest lottery could be looking at a long wait.

A man from Georgia who is on a quest to win $1,000 million in a Georgia lottery says he’s not looking forward to the wait.

That’s my whole reason, that’s my only reason, to go to the lottery.

Thats my only hope, my only way of getting it, to win.

Reporter/anchor: That’s a question that has perplexed lottery officials for years, but now, the Georgia Lottery is looking to be more open.

The Georgia Lotteries hopes to have more transparency in the process, to make sure that we’re getting the right number of people, the right people that are going to have a chance to win this large prize.

Reporter Mark Johnson is covering the lottery for ABC News.