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How to Win the Ga. Lottery, the Biggest Scam in History

How to Win the Ga. Lottery, the Biggest Scam in History

The Pennsylvania Lottery is set to open its doors this weekend for a $5.6 billion-plus lottery that is supposed to generate more than $1 billion in profits. 

The Pennsylvania Lotteries website says the new lottery will “provide more than 10,000 new jobs with a return of $1.2 billion for the state.” 

The winning lottery ticket is expected to cost $5,637.80.

However, the real estate developer who built the lottery, Joe Dallaire, says he doesn’t know how much money he’ll get.

“The biggest thing that we’re going to do with the $1,200 lottery ticket that we will pay you is pay the taxes and we’re paying the money back,” he told WISN-TV. 

So why does the company think it’s going to win?

The company has a history of scams.

Dallaire bought the Pennsylvania Lotters in 2009 for $1 million.

A year later, he took out a $1-million loan from his father-in-law and bought the company for $400 million.

In 2013, Dallaitie said the company made about $300 million.

In March, the company paid back the loan, but the amount was not returned.

After losing the loan in a lawsuit filed by former employees, the bank foreclosed on the company in July 2015.

The company is still struggling to recover from the loss of the $400-million.

 It also has a bad reputation for not paying its workers, which has led to complaints that workers are forced to work for less pay than the minimum wage.

The lottery is not the only company to have a reputation for scamming its workers.

The Associated Press reported that the lottery has a long history of making false claims about its success, including one claiming that the company would not have enough money to pay its employees.

In fact, the lottery company claims that it has been able to pay off more than 80% of its employees since it opened its doors in 2004. 

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