In this meeting with WALE AKINSELURE, previous replacement guv of Oyo State, Alhaji Hazeem Gbolarumi discuss the ‘Liberty Stroll for Atiku’, kept in Ibadan, flag off of the 2nd term project of Guv Seyi Makinde, the G5 frustration and also the state of the Peoples Democratic Event (PDP) in the state.


You were absent at Thursday’s rally where your event male, Guv SeyiMakinde flagged off his 2nd term project. Was that deliberate?

I was not welcomed. Why must I go where I was not welcomed?


You opposed the governorship key with Guv  Makinde and also, at that occasion, it appeared like you had actually accepted settlement and also were currently on the exact same web page with the guv. One would certainly have believed you would certainly have participated in the rally of your fellow event male.

I was not welcomed to their program. We are all PDP; we are doing our very own. He has actually not claimed he has actually abandoned, so we are benefiting the event and also our team believe in the concept of the event leaders.


However, Oloye Jumoke Akinjide, with whom you organized the Liberty Stroll for Atiku the day prior to the Makinde occasion existed.

She possibly had her very own factor for going to. Most likely, she was welcomed and also she thought she can be there. I cannot promote her, anyhow. She is fully grown; she has every right to utilize her discernment she does.


You arranged the Liberty Stroll with Atiku last Wednesday. Were the objectives for arranging the rally attained?

We give thanks to God that the objectives were attained. What we prepared to do was to sensitise our individuals and also allow them recognize that Atiku Abubakar is coming, that Atiku will certainly be head of state of this nation; that they need to appear en masse and also choose PDP governmental prospect for the honest political election and also we did well. We have actually scored ourselves and also individuals of Oyo State have actually scored us. I believe our success, that day, was not much less than 90 percent.


Is that stroll sufficient? What much more do you intend to do to encourage the body politic to elect Atiku?

The following is to opt for house-to-house projects, city center conferences, room-to-room project, market-to-market project. Additionally, the primary himself and also the governmental project council are pertaining to Ibadan, this month. We are preparing in advance that browse through and also a far more massive group will certainly witness Atiku’s project in Oyo State.


 Much like the guv organized procedures from you the last time Atiku went to Ibadan, just how would certainly you make sure a comparable scenario taking place once more when Atiku gos to?

I will certainly still be all right since I think the even more the merrier. If really the guv is with Atiku, it is great. He is the guv of the state and also he is essentially the leader of the event in the state, according to concept, though it is not in the constitution of the event. Most of us value and also recognize that. If he has actually been available in great confidence, no worry.


There were incantations of Atiku Atiku at the Makinde rally, what did you reason from what occurred that day?

That is to state that individuals of Oyo State desire Atiku; that is to inform you the love they have for the event and also for our governmental prospect, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku; that is to inform the entire globe that they enjoy him.


Unlike assumptions, the G5 fell short to proclaim their recommended governmental prospect at the Makinde rally. Why?

The G5 simply can’t. Oyo State is not Rivers State. Individuals of Oyo State are really smart and also they are all political leaders. This is the political resources of Nigeria. If Oyo State sneezes, the entire nation captures chilly. If they had that strategy, I make sure they altered that strategy when they saw the entire Ibadan chanting, ‘Atiku’ ‘Atiku’.


However, they have actually assured to make great their word to reveal their governmental prospect, in coming days.

They cannot do anything. They are just attempting to place everyone in some anxiousness. It doesn’t function in this way. For example, they claimed they are all PDP and also have actually not left PDP, and also they have prospects that are trying settings on PDP system. They have prospects for Us senate, Legislature, Home of Setting up on the system of the PDP. If they have these prospects, what are they speaking about? And also they have actually claimed they are not abandoning from the event. The only point I can do is to attract them to have a rethink since the earlier the much better.


Do you believe there are effects for Makinde’s passion should he stop working to freely proclaim assistance for Atiku’s governmental quote?

I cannot preempt anyone however I claimed it throughout the Liberty Stroll for Atiku that I cannot wait to see where Seyi Makinde will freely inform individuals of Oyo State to choose someone else. He cannot state something like that otherwise he will certainly see the opposite side of the body politic of Oyo State.


When you state, opposite side, just what do you indicate?

I indicate, individuals will certainly not concur and also they will certainly remain to reveal that annoyance. With due regard to the guvs that came, it will certainly be a disrespect. If you check out viral video clips, you will certainly see individuals informing the guvs that whether they sustain Atiku or otherwise, they will certainly see the effects. They are not political leaders. That is not the most effective method to prosecute in any type of political celebration where you have actually profited. It is refrained from doing in this way. If they were provided what they desired, after that, will they be claiming another thing? Absolutely no. Nigerians have actually currently seen their beliefs.


The G5 states it is defending justness, justice and also equity; they state essential settings in the event need to be shared in between the North and also South; they state it is unjust that you have both the governmental prospect and also event chairman from the North.

What are they speaking about? Because 1999, a Yoruba was head of state for 8 years, component of South-South did it for concerning 5 years, just how would certainly you currently state it is the turn of a southerner? In regards to geopolitical zoning, just the South-East and also North-East have actually not generated head of state. Atiku is from the North-East; what are we currently claiming? Wike is from South-South, if he had obtained it after that, will he be claiming it is not their turn? They do not have an exceptional debate.


They are asking for resignation of the event chairman, Iyorchia Ayu.

Why must Ayu surrender? Ayu was chosen really. He opposed and also won. Where did they obtain that a person in the event constitution? He was chosen for a four-year term. If he wants to surrender, that would certainly get on his very own choice. You can’t require him to surrender. He has not supervised of the event for any type of basic political election; why must he surrender? If he surrenders willingly, penalty. It resembles requiring them to surrender as guvs of their states.


With the G5 frustration, is this not an instance of Atiku entering into the political election with a separated residence?

With or without them, Atiku will certainly win the governmental political election.


In which geopolitical areas do you think about Atiku solid?

In this specific South-West, Atiku will certainly obtain absolutely nothing much less than 3 states. Ignore the North. Also in Rivers State, where Wike originates from, Atiku will certainly obtain 25 percent. By God’s poise, Atiku will certainly win.


Don’t you believe the prospect of the Work Event (LP), Mr Peter Obi, might survey a significant variety of enact the South-East and also South-South, to impact the opportunities of various other celebrations in those areas?

Obi is not as solid as that. Obi’s event resembles a Third Pressure. Individuals just recognize PDP and also APC. Exists any individual chosen on the system of Work Event in the National Setting up? They have no framework. If you check out it deeply, Obi is going no where.


In Oyo State, what is the percent of ballots that you believe Atiku will certainly have?

Atiku will not obtain much less than 60 percent of enact Oyo State.


What do you think about as risks to the 2nd term quote of Guv Makinde?

The only hazard he could have is that of his incongruity. When you remain in a celebration that brought you to power, and also you are still combating that specific framework that brought you right into power. It resembles attacking the fingers that fed you. He did not win political election on an independent system; he won the political election on the event system yet, you are combating that specific event that brought you right into power. You don’t do that. You cannot combat the fingers that fed you and also think you would certainly not see the consequence. You were offered power by union, by individuals of Oyo State, by individuals that matter and also you don’t intend to identify those individuals. What do you stand to shed? What do you stand to obtain?


Is it far too late for him to deal with those risks to his reelection?

It is not.


What must he do?

He recognizes what to do. He needs to go and also satisfy his individuals. He recognizes those he has actually annoyed. He recognizes those he has actually tipped on their toes. Within this little time, he can still do numerous points; he can still accomplish numerous points, favorably.



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