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Lottery results: California draws closer to legalizing online gambling

Lottery results: California draws closer to legalizing online gambling

LOS ANGELES (AP) California has drawn closer to a plan that would allow the state’s lottery operators to run their own online casinos, even though Gov.

Gavin Newsom said last week that the idea had “no chance” of becoming law.


Gavin McInnes has been pushing for online gambling to be legalized for years, but there has been little progress.

He announced last week a bill that would legalize online gambling for people over the age of 21 and would ban the use of electronic gaming devices and gambling terminals.

That’s an amendment to Newsom’s 2014 proposal to legalize online gaming.

He’s also said he’d support a bill to make California a leader in allowing the creation of casinos.

McInnes said Tuesday that the bill would allow online gaming by allowing operators to set up their own gaming sites.

The bill would also require the operators to follow all applicable state and federal laws.

Newsom says the bill is the first step toward legalizing online gaming in California.

McDonald’s said in a statement that it welcomes the possibility that the online gambling industry could be allowed in California because of the potential economic benefits.

McNesons plan is not yet law, but Newsom is expected to sign it by the end of this month.

McInsnes spokesman Brian Tomsik said Tuesday the governor would sign the bill as soon as it’s signed.

The Associated Press has reported that the state has not had a casino in more than 20 years.