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Nevada lottery winners are not winners in the US, according to the US Census

Nevada lottery winners are not winners in the US, according to the US Census

New Jersey lottery winner John Dickson has received the largest share of the US state lottery pot of $6.9 billion in 2017.

Mr Dickson’s total haul of $5.9bn comes after his state won the state’s largest state lottery prize of $1.9b.

Mr Christie’s $1bn haul was less than half of Mr Christies $1,800bn haul of prize money in 2017, according the US census.

The New Jersey winner was the only one of the 11 winners to receive the bulk of his winnings from the lottery.

He received more than half the $5bn pot, while Virginia winner James Lipscomb received the smallest amount.

The Census Bureau says Mr Denson had a total prize pool of $4.3bn, which is $3.4bn more than the next highest winner, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was awarded $1 billion in prize money.

Mr Bloomberg was also the only winner to receive a share of his prize money, while the winner of the other lottery prize, former US senator Tom Coburn, received a large share of it.

New Jersey’s $6bn pot of winnings, which includes cash prizes and stock, is about the same size as the $6 billion awarded to Mr Coburn in 2017 for his successful campaign against then-Republican president Donald Trump.

Mr Cobrens victory was the biggest in US state elections since 1996, when New Jersey became the second state to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Mr Trump also won the US lottery in 2016 with $1billion in prize dollars, and is the most prolific winner of state lottery money in the country.

Mr Coffman’s $2.4 billion pot is the largest in state lottery history, and the state won a state lottery award worth $1b in 2017 after winning $1m in the previous year.

Mr Crawford’s $3bn haul is the second-biggest prize in state election history after the $2bn awarded to the former Oklahoma governor.

The former Oklahoma senator is now seeking re-election.

Mr Cogan’s $872m haul is a record for state lottery revenue in a single year.

New York’s lottery winner received $731m, more than $500m more than New Jersey was awarded last year.

He is now one of a number of New Yorkers to have received more lottery money than any other state in the nation, which will allow him to use the money to help pay for education and other public services.

Mr Murphy’s $900m haul was the second highest in state history, after a record $850m award to New York governor Andrew Cuomo in 2018.

New Mexico’s $4bn haul represents the largest pot in state elections history, behind the $3 billion awarded in the state lottery in 2017 to New Mexico governor Susana Martinez.

The winner received a total of $2,100m in prize cash, more money than Mr Murphy received from the state.

Other winners included former Oklahoma state senator David Vitter and former US congressman Tom Tancredo, who won the prize money each earned for running for president in 2016.

US president Donald Trumps win of the largest state prize in history is a major boost for his administration.

He has been able to fund his first 100 days by cutting taxes and cutting spending.

Mr Trumps presidency has also been marked by scandals involving the Trump campaign and his administration, including the firing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and revelations about possible collusion between Mr Trump’s associates and Russia.