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NY lottery usabelles winning $15 million in lottery ticket scanner

NY lottery usabelles winning $15 million in lottery ticket scanner

New York lottery ticket scanners have won the Big Apple’s largest prize for a winning ticket this year, worth nearly $15.4 million.

In what’s become an annual tradition for the state lottery, the state-run New York State Lottery is handing out $15,000 prizes every year to the winners of a contest that was launched in 2012.

It was the biggest prize of the year to win, according to lottery officials.

New York is one of three states that have held the contest annually since the lottery began in 1976.

The state has won $1.6 billion in lottery prizes, with $2.4 billion of that money being awarded in 2016.

More than 5,600 tickets were scanned by the state and the rest in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

It’s a big prize, said Joseph Schmid, lottery director of ticket scanning at the State Lotteries.

“I’m happy it’s coming home to New York,” he said.

Lottery officials said the winners will be paid $15 per ticket, which is a record.

“We have never had a prize like this,” said lottery spokeswoman Jessica Eiseman.

The $15 prize is just the first prize in a $1 million contest for the ticket scanners that are the state’s largest and most expensive.

The $1 billion contest has been won in the past by two states: California and New Jersey.

The contest is part of a national trend in which lottery officials have increased the amount of prize money to help boost the game.

New Jersey, for example, awarded $300 million to win $1,000,000 in a lottery-winning contest in 2015.

In 2015, Connecticut was awarded $100 million for a $50 million lottery ticket.

It’s the third-largest lottery prize, behind California and Texas, in the country, according.

The winner of that lottery contest received $20 million, the biggest payout ever.

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