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Texas’ lottery app is ‘not designed for kids’

Texas’ lottery app is ‘not designed for kids’

Millions of kids across the U.S. are missing out on the chance to win the chance at the world’s largest and most lucrative lottery ticket.

The lottery app on Apple’s iOS and Android devices, called Texas Lottery, is the state’s official lottery app.

The app is designed for children.

But it is designed specifically for teens and young adults.

A Texas Lotteries spokesperson said the app is not designed for young people.

The spokeswoman said the lottery app was designed with parents in mind, and to allow them to help their kids play the game, which has been around for years.

“This is one of the most popular apps on the market, and we are confident that our apps will continue to grow and continue to serve our kids and families,” said Sarah McAlpine, a spokesperson for the Texas Lotters Association.

“The app offers a wealth of features to help families create a fun and safe game experience.”

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, but McAlpint said the company is looking for more developers to make the app available for download on Android.

The app allows parents to add their children to their online family pool, and the app offers more than 30,000 games to choose from.

The lottery also offers a game called “Poker for Kids,” which allows parents and kids to play one-on-one games and is designed to help parents learn more about gambling.

The Texas LotTERies app can be downloaded for free on the iPhone and iPad.

The company said the game costs $1.99 to play.

The apps are available at Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Target.com.