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Texas Lottery’s first two winners have their lottery numbers revealed

Texas Lottery’s first two winners have their lottery numbers revealed

Texas Lotteria has released the first of two winners of the 2016 Texas Lotty.

The winners of each of the two lottery drawings were released Friday morning and were chosen by a lottery expert, the company said.

The first winner is a retired Houston woman named Michelle, who is the first woman ever to win a Texas Lot, the state’s first-ever lottery jackpot.

The winner was announced at a press conference Friday.

The second winner is an Austin woman named Nicole, who has won the lottery three times in four years and is the second winner in the Texas Lotting Co., the lottery’s third division.

The Lottery Co. said that the winning numbers are a combination of numbers found in lottery books in Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

The Texas Lotters Association (LIA) released the winning number and an explanation of the drawing for the Texas and Nevada prizes.

The winning number is a combination 6-12-6-12, and the winning formula is 6/6/6, which means the winning ticket is a 6-8-8.

The Texas Lot tycoon and his son were in attendance at the press conference, according to the Texas Gaming and Resorts Authority.

The lottery company said the two winners will receive their jackpot money in the mail from the LIA.

The Lone Star Lottery Company announced on Facebook on Friday that the winner of the Texas lottery was named “Michelle” and will receive $2,000.

The winning ticket was a 6/8/8.

Michelle, the first winner, said she’s been a lotterist for 15 years and has won three times and is a certified lottery expert.

She was asked to pick the winning card by a licensed lotto expert, who said she was the “most knowledgeable person” to pick a card that she has won.

Michelle said she plans to give the winning jackpot to her mother, who she said is the one who is her biggest fan.

The other winner was named, according the Lottery.com website, “Nicole” and won a 6.25-ounce ticket for $1,500.

Nicole said that her mother picked her ticket because she wanted to give her “biggest fan” the winning tickets.

The LIA’s spokeswoman said that both of the winning winners will be eligible for the other lottery.

The state Lottery will have to announce the winner in about two weeks.

The winner of this year’s Texas Lot is a licensed Texas lottery expert named “David” who won the Texas state lottery in 2008.

He said he won because he had a lot of respect for the state lottery and had been a lottery consultant for more than 30 years.

David has won more than $5 million in the state Lotting.

The Lottery was established in 1933.