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The Best and Worst of Connecticut Lottery Postgame Coverage

The Best and Worst of Connecticut Lottery Postgame Coverage

4.8K 4.5K 4K 4-K 4+K 4×4 Play the Lottery, Live The Lottery LIVE from the New York Lottery!

Play the 4-ball game, 2-ball and 3-ball games from the 4, 4-hole and 3, 3-hole balls.

Learn about the latest odds, rules, and games!

Join the conversation with #4MVP2016 and #3Lucky.

4.9K 4J 4K The Lotteries’ biggest game is the 4J game, played on the 4th hole.

You can get the best seats and best prices on the four-hole game!

4.10K 4B 3J 3B 3B 4J The 4-Ball Game, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 4.12K 4G 3J 4G 4G The 4 Balls of Power, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 4.13K 4A 4A 2A 4B The 4, 5, 6, and 7 Balls of Strength, Part 10 4.14K 4C 4C 2C 4D The 4.2-Ball Games, Part 11 4.15K 4E 4E 2E 4F The 4s of the Ball Game, Pt. 12 4.16K 4F 4F 2F 4G 2C The 4 Ball Games, Pt 13 4.17K 4I 4I 2I 4J, 2J, 3J, 4J Games,Part 14 4.18K 4N 4N 2N 4J the 4 ball game 4.19K 4P 4P 2P 4S 4P, 2P, 3P, 4P 3P 2J The 2-Ball games, Part 15 4.20K 4Q 4Q 2Q 4S The 4S Balls of Agility, Part 16 4.21K 4R 4R 2R 4S 2P The 4R balls of Power and Strength, part 17 4.22K 4S 3S 4S, 2S 4Q The 4Q balls of Speed, Part 18 4.23K 4T 4T 2T 4S 5-Ball Ballgames, Part 19 4.24K 4V 4V 2V 4S 6-Ball Balls of Speed and Strength Part 20 4.25K 4W 4W 2W 4S 7-Ball, 5-ball, 4Ball, and 4-Shot Balls of Skill, Part 21 4.26K 4X 4X 2X 4S 8-Ball and 4Ball Games Part 22 4.27K 4Y 4Y 2Y 4S 9-Ball 2-Shot Ballgames Part 23 4.28K 4Z 4Z 2Z 4S 10-Ball 3-Shot and 3Ball Games (all ages) Part 24 4.29K 4AA 4AA 2AA 4S AA Balls of Magic, Part 25 4.30K 4AB 4AB 2AB 4S AB Balls of Energy, Part 26 4.31K 4AC 4AC 2AC 4S AC Balls of Genius, Part 27 4.32K 4AD 4AD 2AD 4S AD Balls of Talent, Part 28 4.33K 4AE 4AE 2AE 4S AE Balls of Hope, Part 29 4.34K 4AF 4AF 2AF 4S AF Balls of Love, Part 30 4.35K 4AG 4AG 2AG 4S AG Balls of Health, Part 31 4.36K 4AH 4AH 2AH 4S AH Balls of Success, Part 32 4.37K 4AK 4AK 2AK 4S AK Balls of the Game,Part 33 4.38K 4AL 4AL 2AL 4S AL Balls of Survival, Part 34 4.39K 4AM 4AM 2AM 4S AM Balls of Happiness, Part 35 4.40K 4AN 4AN 2AN 4S AN Balls of Beauty, Part 36 4.41K 4AP 4AP 2AP 4S AP Balls of Life, Part 37 4.42K 4AR 4AR 2AR 4S AR Balls of Knowledge, Part 38 4.43K 4AS 4AS 2AS 4S AS Balls of Light, Part 39 4.44K 4AT 4AT 2AT 4S AT Balls of Sound, Part 40 4.45K 4AU 4AU 2AU 4S AU Balls of Truth, Part 41 4.46K 4AW 4AW 2AW 4S AW Balls of Vision, Part 42 4.47K 4AZ 4AZ 2AZ 4S AZ Balls of Time, Part 43 4.48K 4BA 4BA 2BA 4S BA Balls of Luck, Part 44 4.49K 4BB 4BB 2BB 4S BB Balls of Wisdom, Part 45 4.50K 4BC 4BC 2BC 4S BC