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The lottery was a lot better than expected

The lottery was a lot better than expected

The lottery winners are the real winners, but a lot of them were winners of the lottery itself.

The big winners are those who got lucky, according to the latest findings from the US Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau’s National Survey of Household Finances released Thursday showed that the biggest winners of this year’s lottery were a man and a woman, with a combined total of $6,927,857.

That’s $1,567,724 more than the next biggest winner.

The man, William and Marie, made $4,096,823, while the woman, Alice, made about $2,065,838.

The median winnings for this year was $2.75 million, the bureau said.

The Census Bureau estimates that the $6.5 million in winnings would give a person a total of about $14,000 a year in income.

The average amount earned by winners of all lottery tickets this year is $5,974.

There were 1.5 billion people in the US who got lottery tickets, according the Census Bureau, and of those, about 7 million were women.

This article has been updated with data from the Census and additional analysis from The Lad.