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US lottery jackpot gets big boost

US lottery jackpot gets big boost

The $1.8 million jackpot for the 2018 US National Lottery has been raised by the National Lotteries Foundation.

The lottery’s $1 million bonus for first-time winners was announced today, as was the $1,000 cash prize for winning the jackpot.

“I’m very proud to announce that we are giving out our 2018 jackpot bonus to all of our first-timers,” NLL President and CEO Steve Mascagni said in a statement.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to celebrate with our first ticket winners, as well as to reward them for the hard work and dedication they’ve put into their plans.”

Congratulations to all our first prize winners.

We’ll be giving out additional bonus prizes for our first winner, so we’re happy to encourage them to keep coming back to win more.

“The jackpot will go to the first five winners of a $50,000 jackpot prize pool, which is expected to generate $1 billion.

The winning $50k winner will get $250,000, and the winner of the $25k jackpot and $10k first prize will each receive $100,000.

The jackpots are expected to be worth an estimated $7.5 billion by the time the year is over.

The winner of this year’s jackpot has a chance of winning the total jackpot of $20 billion.

It’s expected to take a little over two weeks for the winners to claim their prizes.

The last jackpot was announced in March, with the winning $1m winner receiving $1 in cash.

Last year, the jackpots raised by a jackpot were worth an average of $737,500 per person.

The $7 billion jackpot is the biggest ever raised by any lottery prize, and was worth an incredible $1bn at the time.

The NLL has announced a total of six prizes for 2018, with three of them expected to win the jackups.

The cash prizes, the $10,000 and the $50 grand prize, will all be handed out over the course of the year.

All proceeds from the jackup will be used to support the NLL and its charitable and community programs.

The winners of the jackuks will be chosen at a random draw, with a maximum of five of them winning.

The remaining jackpot winners will be announced by the end of July.

NLL jackpot 2017 The winner will receive a $2,500 bonus for winning a $100k jackup, and $250 for winning two $50 jackpots.

The other jackpot winner will also receive a bonus.

The top five jackpots for this year are: $100K Jackpot winner: Steve Macheris of Austin, Texas.

The prize will be $1M and will go towards NLL’s ongoing scholarships and services for young people.

$50K Jackup winner: Adam Kachs of Columbus, Ohio.

The bonus will be an additional $500.

The final winner will be selected in early August.

$25K JackPot winner: Jordan Dickey of Orlando, Florida.

The money from the $100 jackpot jackpot win will go toward a number of NLL programs, including NLL scholarships, the NOLS’ mentoring program, and its educational scholarship fund.

$10K JackUp winner: Matt Riddle of Fort Worth, Texas, and a friend of his.

The total prize of $10M will be donated to NLL for scholarship and mentoring programs, and will help NLL build a future-ready mentoring workforce in Texas.

$1 Million Cash Jackup Winner: Kevin Tompkins of Austin.

The winnings from the 1 Million jackup jackpot, which will go into the NELS Foundation’s educational scholarship program, will help fund NLLs youth mentoring initiatives, including its mentoring community service program.

$250 Cash JackUp Winner: Sam Wills of Chicago.

The 1 Million cash jackup winner will make a $500 donation to NELSA’s Education Fund, which helps fund NELSS mentoring and educational programs.

$100 Cash Jack Up Winner: Michael Sullins of Houston, Texas and his friend.

The prizes will go straight to NELS Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, which provides support to children with disabilities.

$5 Million Cash Prize Winner: Adam Riddle, of Austin and his pal, Adam.

The 5 Million jackpot award winner will earn $500 and will give away his winnings to Nels Children’s Health and Hospital Foundation, which supports NELS and NELSO-affiliated health care organizations.

NELS also announced the first-ever NELLS Scholarship to support a child with disabilities to attend a NELS-funded NELS college.

The first-of-its-kind scholarship was designed to help support the development of a second-generation college student, who would be able attend an NELS school and