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Why the Kentucky Lottery and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings were the only winners to win $2.3 billion from the lottery post-cliff

Why the Kentucky Lottery and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings were the only winners to win $2.3 billion from the lottery post-cliff

The Sacramento Kings, the NBA champions in the 2017 NBA Summer League, won $2,744,735 in the first year of the NBA Summer Lottery, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Kings won the lottery by winning the lottery’s $5 million in cash prize, which was the biggest prize of the $1 billion-plus contest.

The 2017 NBA Lottery also rewarded the Golden State Warriors, who won the championship with a record $2 billion, with $1.2 billion.

In total, the 2017-18 NBA Summer Loops netted the Sacramento Kings $2 million, the Warriors $1 million, and the Clippers $1,000,000.

The Golden State, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors are the only teams to win the $2-billion prize in 2017-2018.

The 2016-17 NBA Summer Championships also paid out $2 and $1 bills, with the Los Angeles Lakers receiving $1 for winning the championship.

The winners of the 2017 lottery contest are listed below: The Sacramento-based Kings earned a total of $2M in 2017 NBA Finals winnings from the 2017 Summer League and the lottery, including a record-setting $2 Billion for the Sacramento Warriors.

This marks the fourth time in history that the Kings have been awarded the $5 Million cash prize and the first time that the franchise has been awarded a record prize.

The $2 Million cash is the largest payout to a team in the lottery history, topping the $500 million that the Los Angles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks received from the 2018 NBA Summer Basketball Championship.

The Sacramento Warriors, whose 2017 Summer Leagues won $1B, earned $1 Million in the 2018 Lottery for winning in a record time of seven games.

The Warriors had a record 12-0 record in the summer of 2017 and became the first team to win a $1 Billion prize in the NBA Finals.

The 2018 NBA Finals, featuring the Los Angellas and the Golden States, were the highest-rated finals in league history, drawing an average audience of 4.8 million for the Warriors-Los Angeles Lakers Game 7.

The winning team in that game earned $2B in prize money and a record total of cash, which exceeded the $3.5 billion prize the Sacramento-area Kings received in the previous Summer League championship.

Sacramento is the only team in NBA history to have won $5M cash prize in five different NBA Summer Leops.

The Lakers and Warriors will play in the 2019 NBA Summer Olympics, with Los Angeles hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics and Golden State playing in the 2020 FIBA World Cup.