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Why the Ohio Lottery won’t get a lottery game this year

Why the Ohio Lottery won’t get a lottery game this year

The NBA announced on Friday that it is postponing its All-Star Game, the first of the year, to a later date.

The All-star game, which is a key part of the league’s season-long celebration, is scheduled for Feb. 22 in New Orleans.

The game will now be played on Feb. 23 in Cleveland.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who announced the postponement in a conference call with reporters, said the All-Stars’ attendance would be impacted.

“It’s really disappointing that they’re choosing to hold it for the first time,” Silver said.

“I think they want to get a game right away.

I know that.

I think they’re a great group of guys.

They’re passionate about basketball.

But we just feel that it’s a much better decision for our league to postpone it.”

The NBA has a schedule of marquee events that it hopes will lead to more games in the coming years.

The league will not be hosting a playoff game this season, and it will not host a Summer League in 2018.

The NBA will hold its Summer League next summer, with a schedule that includes the All States All-America Game, NBA All-Rookie Team and NBA Summer League.

The 2019 NBA Summer Camp will be held in Orlando.

Silver has previously said that the league will move the All Star Game back to its earliest date.

“We’ll be doing this again for sure,” Silver told reporters.

“This will be our last time doing the All Stars.”

In 2016, the NBA’s All-Summer League team was named to the All American Team.